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Seamless collaboration and amalgamation of your organization’s value chains is essential in this digital era. Our Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) portals provide your employees, customers, and vendors an easy and effective way to access digital assets and carry out business activities online, across geographical locations and time zones.

Our business portal solutions provide controlled access to authorized people, helping them manage and locate information, share documents, post and get updates, and complete tasks or transactions in a secured environment.

  • Employee Portal
  • Vendor Portal
  • Customer Portal
  • Member Portal
Employee portals have the functions for document sharing, work collaboration, publishing of business-related reports and organization-wide updates. Integrating with existing authentication method, employees will be able to log in to the portal with a single sign-on. Employees will be able to enjoy flexibility in creating and configuring personalised digital workplace for communication and collaboration.
Vendor portals help you streamline administrative processes and improve vendor management. Prospective vendors can easily provide on-boarding information while existing vendors can update product information, pricing and shipping information as well as uploading invoices and downloading purchase orders through the portals. Vendor portals facilitate vendor self-service and reduce internal administrative demands for data entry and processing.
Customer portals enhance customer experience and enable you to provide personalized service over internet. Customers will be able to retrieve transactional information, customer-specific documents, training materials, videos, contracts, warranties, and account-related information. Integrating with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, customers will be able to create support tickets and track the progress and status. Knowledge Base and Frequently-Ask-Questions (FAQs) provide additional channel for on-demand support assistance.

Member portal is a members-only self-service web portal where members can manage profiles, communication preferences, warranty details and membership renewals. You can publish product and service updates, promotions, event calendar, surveys, feedback forms and other member benefits in a centralised location. If you are running loyalty program, members will be able to check their available points, discount, rewards and redemptions in the same portal.