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What is Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise Mobility is a mission critical service provided to mobile workforce to achieve higher productivity, greater efficiency and stronger customer satisfaction in competitive market. As organizations become increasingly mobile and business applications become more critical in helping companies maintain agility and differentiation, Mobility is more than just providing laptops, mobile phones and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) to mobile workforce. Enterprise Mobility is reshaping business models. It provides ways to enhance customer service and responsiveness, accelerate productivity and ensure data accuracy and integrity. Today, Mobility is no longer a fictitious idea or just a tactical move. It has become a fundamental requirement in business.

With the advancement of technology and wide adoption of mobile usage, Enterprise Mobility is emerging as sound horizontal and vertical solutions on the back of strong industry innovations in wireless technologies, data capture technologies, mobile middleware and devices. Organisations begin to adopt Mobility as a strategic tool to deliver business values. Enterprise mobility integrates critical business processes in a seamless and transparent manner over a manageable platform so that information is available to decision makers in near real time, anywhere over devices. It brings about resource optimization, real-time and more effective decision making as well as process optimization can be achieved to gain cost and competitive advantages.

Sitting on a wealth of learning and best practices from early adopters, organisations are poised to transform their businesses through the use of appropriate mobility tools and applications. Mobility solution is currently widely used in the area of sales force automation, retail management, warehouse management, assets tracking, customer service, preventive and corrective maintenance across all industries.


Mobility is radically changing the ways people work and reshaping the workplace itself. Equipped with powerful new mobility tools, employees today can work productively from virtually anywhere. Its growing potential to strengthen organizational performance has moved mobility from the sidelines to the mainstream of information technology. Organizations intent on maximizing corporate performance must incorporate mobility as a fundamental component of their strategic plans.