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CMMS, an acronym for Computerised Maintenance Management System, is an easy-to-use, simple yet effective asset management solution for companies that require robust asset management capabilities. Building on Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP platform, the system covers complete lifecycle of your asset’s value chain by managing critical maintenance data for improvement of productivity, asset efficiency, and overall operational performance while reducing maintenance costs.

CMMS integrates five key operations i.e. asset management, work management, resource management, procurement management and material management to enable you to effectively manage and maintain assets, including production equipment and facilities.

CMMS caters for both reactive and preventive maintenance for all types of assets, equipment and facilities. Preventive maintenance routines can be setup and scheduled on periodic basis while reactive maintenance allows users to raise work orders on individual assets on ad-hoc basis. CMMS allows users to raise work orders for multiple asset and equipment maintenance simultaneously as well as individual assets or assets of same type. Maintenance history and costs will be recorded against individual assets and equipment for analysis and reference.